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Hooded Alpha Cock Rules - FagMaster speaks The Truth

The Truth

Alphas have Rights, faggots have duties in service of Alpha Rights

like FagMaster says a faggot is just a faggot fleshlite with two holes that Alphas can use to jack off with

a fag is an it

once a faggot realises this truth and understands that an Alpha’s pleasure and sexual release is its purpose, Alphas can a fucking good time using it

"A fagggot paradox: True pleasure and happiness for the faggot comes when it accepts that its pleasure and happiness don't matter. Only the pleasure and happiness of Superior Alpha Men - REAL Men - matter. By serving and pleasuring Alpha Men, the faggot at once loses itself and finds itself." FagMaster


Very true. Faggots suffer unnecessarily when they foolishly imagine they are or can be "normal." When they try to be "individuals" and live life on their own terms, without being the sluts and slaves they are meant to be. 

Freedom for the faggot is found in surrender to those best suited to decided for the them. Superior Men. REAL Men. Ours is the Master Nature. 

Whereas the faggot's very nature calls for it to be a slut, a servant, a slave. To exist for the pleasure of Man and Cock. 

So it's not just about obedience to MEN that is important here. It's about obedience and surrender to your true faggot nature. Do that, and the freedom of sluttery and slavish obedience will finally become clear. 

The sooner every faggot realizes the immutable truth of its inherent inferiority, and slave nature, the "happier" it will be. 

REBLOG if you accept your status as an INFERIOR faggot.

Hooded Alpha Cock Rules

a faggot has no choice but to obey and surrender its holes to Alpha Cock 

a true faggot accepts that it is its function - a faggot fleshlight for Alpha Cock - nothing more, nothing less

if the Alpha is happy, ergo the fag being used is happy

moving freely between one faggot's cunthole and another's facecunt is an Alpha Right